AMCF LogoThe AMCF (Association of Military Christian Fellowships) is an agreement by autonomous national military Christian fellowships to associate. The vision of AMCF is to encourage the formation and growth of military Christian fellowships (MCFs) within and among national security forces. The goal of the AMCF is that every country in the world have an MCF and that it become mature and effective. The motto of the AMCF is "All one in Christ Jesus" and that is what we pray and seek to be.

 The AMCF traces its origins to a British Cavalry officer who while serving in India in 1851 sought to encourage officers and soldiers to meet together for Bible study and prayer. From this the British Officers` Christian Union and the Soldiers` and Airmen`s Scripture Readers Association were formed and these were gradually replicated in several other European nations. In 1930 delegates from four nations, Germany, Britain, Holland and Sweden, met for the first time in Zuylen Castle in Holland; three of those nations had already been at war with each other, and would very soon be locked in combat again.

 A Dutchman, Baron Von Tuyll, was the first President of this International grouping. The founders` aim was to establish an entirely non-political international fellowship with no central organisation, no budget and no staff except for the President who would operate from his home.

 Each military Christian fellowship is self-governing, taking its direction from the Lord and not from AMCF.  AMCF’s presidential bench consists of a resident and 14 regional vice presidents. Their role is to encourage the national MCFS and, when helpful, coordinate regional activities (for example, for regional AMCF conferences and training seminars.)

ACCTS (Accosiation for Christian Conferences, Teaching and Services), MMI (Military Ministries International) and MSO (Mission Support Organization) are main organizations that support AMCF and cooperate with members of AMCF's presidential bench.

Currently the President of AMCF is General Srilal Weerasooriya from Sri Lanka.

 MCFU is an accosiated member of a large international AMCF's organization.

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